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8 months ago

Yes , ENT HAVE BEEN CHECKED AND EVERTYHING IS FINE. BPPV that hasnt been checked but I had it years ago. I went to physio, osteopath ‘s, did reiki. So I don’t know what else to do..i am seeing a naturopathy/functional medicine PHYSICIAN and changing my foods completely, because my autoimmune and inflammation in my body using the Terry wahls protocol. And we’ll see how that goes. I’m on my 4th day..cutout alot of stuff caffeine,dairy,sweets, eating very clean. Hopefully that will start up my system. We’ll see how that goes.
Do you think I should go see my doctor for BPPV OR JUST wait it out until I do this autoimmune paleo (AIP) . I dont think BPPV is an issue here. Or could it ? Something should of given by now ,its been like 2 years.