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6 months ago

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I dont know how to reply to people (each individual) so I’m just gonna pick a and choose
The reason why I’m feeling like this is because I’ve had thos dizziness for 2 years now, that cripples me ..I cant even grocery shop any more. My neurologist has indicated why I am dizzy and it’s the back of my neck that has a scar tissue ,so everytime I have to use my body when I’m up and about, it will make me so dizzy. I want a second opinion from a neurologist because I cant live like this anymore
I’m frustrated that i cant do anything anymore because this dizziness is in the way of things. I’m seeing a naturopath/functional medicine cutting out foods that is causing my body infammation. I was told my brain is in fire. When I rest,i dont feel dizzy but once I move I’m screwed with movement that it creates a nightmare for me.
The scar tissue is on the back of the neck
Look up pons and it will give u the proper defintion what it entails.
Few simple words (definition) ull get it
I have no physical pain its the dizziness that causes me pain. It’s like having vertigo 10x worse than that. Thanks for listening