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8 months ago

I see I responded to this before but just watched an Aaron Boster video that addresses the two schools of treatment approach…the one “old school” where they react to issues after they have happened…so basically they fix the fence after all the cows are out…and “new school” that tries to get in front of symptoms and disease progression.

Since I wrote my initial response I have visited the Mayo hospital in Rochester MN USA. They agreed with my Neuro that I am transitioning into SPMS. My Neuro said to switch from Rebif to Ocrevus ASAP. The recommendation from Mayo was to see if my progression was “active” and if it is then to start Ocrevus….I said, wait? what? Wait until it gets worse and then take actions to prevent it from getting worse? doesn’t that seem backwards?

I asked this young Dr if that is the same recommendation he would give his wife if she had MS, or his sister/brother or child? See how bad it can get and then do something about it? really?

Aaron Boster tends to agree with me…thought it was funny to watch his video on it