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6 months ago

@anna_souza I think many of us have thought of it. and obviously the ones who have done it, are not here to comment ?

When qualify of life is non existent month on month, it’s very hard chick.

Finding the positives is like trying to find rocking horse shit, and being positive for others wears thin when you are in that baaaad place.

No one likes to talk of the end stages of this illness, everyone seems to just want to talk about ‘meds’ and ‘beating the beast’.

It wears you down and wears you out doesn’t it?

You sound really depressed and I spect talking through the feelings you are having will help you a little? It may help you gain perspective, formulate a game plan and get the respite you need.

Some rehabilitation of your mind, body and soul seems like what’s needed for you here, before you make any drastic decisions?

It’s always darkest before dawn flower

Sending love n lite to u this day✨🌈💓✨