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6 months ago

@adrianna_k I knew that my gait and balance issues were MS but didn’t associate many of my other issues to MS until I spent much of a week at Mayo in Rochester MN and they spent an hour talking to me about my various woes 😉

Then I realized that my daily spasms in my calves (usually my left) were due to MS as well as the tightness I felt whenever I had been sitting for a period and stood up to walk of..I would have a few “Frankenstein” strides before I was walking normally. So many little things were going on that were MS related that impacted my life.

Through this discussion they concluded that I have moved into SPMS from RRM aagreeing with Neuro’s opinion. They seconded his suggestion to move to Ocrevus from Rebif and I had my first infusion and now my second infusion of the first dose will be Thursday.

The both recommended more PT with a good Neuro Phys. The scheduling nurse had suggested Gabapentin as it had helped her (nerve issues, not MS) and my friend (that is a Dr) with Sciatica issues after her hip replacement (I also had a hip replacement) had used that but changed to the extended release form Gralise. I think that really does help me, is not an opoid and helps with “nerve pain” I could also be starting to benefit from changing to Ocrevus.

I just started with a new GP that is an “integrative” Dr. I was hoping for a “functional” Dr but they were booked out for a year. She recommended some diet switch ups (less animal proteins by adding other high protein that is plant based and more fruit along with a lot of veggies and avoiding gluten) I’ve been doing that and feeling good and have lost 10 lbs with no real effort. She also recommended a specific PT guy in their office with more than average neuro training…in his profile he actually has a Phd with that focus and has been a great guy to work with. Challenges me but understands my limitations.

With the nerve issue I was having with my lfcn I can see some good exercises and do them (bridges, lunges and calf/cow) and he added some “nerve gliding”. I sit on a chair/weight bench and as I tuck my head down I lift the knee on the side with the issue (right for me) and do like 10 repetitions.

I also found this on-line and am going to add these as my lfcn now seems better but issues remain in my SI…which may be what caused my lfcn issues as my old PT really didn’t have me going the right direction or recognize how MS affects me. Try to figure out what specific area is troubling you and see if some of the stretches or exercises help. I know the Gralise is helping and will look at adding some of these. I have PT today so will ask him about incorporating them –

Good luck! I find that when I am tight or tense my MS symptoms are worse and the cold weather coming in tends to tighten me up so staying in a comfortable environment helps as well-