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8 months ago

I had fatigue at the outset for a few weeks; came and went… but not had it since in years…

my god, my heart goes out to anyone with fatigue as a regular symptom… I know there are much worse symptoms and its contenders but its a sort of silent horrible one, renders you useless for periods….

Its bad for everyone but for those busy/ active manic bee types, its a soul destroyer…… its all relative of course, but I know MSers who hate the fatigue more than mobility degeneration… odd, but you can totally understand it when you just woke up and 2 hours later need to hit the hay ….hard for long periods…

If you can move jobs… move….. life is too short….

We have to get the balance right…. symptoms do come and go for some… not everyone is stuck with fatigue…. I am a very very (repeat infinitum) a lucky one….. (touch wood..infinitum)….