MS Reporters. Have your say.

On Wednesday 9th of November, 7pm-8pm GMT we’ll be channelling the power of technology and hosting a video call, because we need your help!

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  • To join the call this needs to be a Google Gmail account!


We’re bringing people together to chat about the MS Reporters videos and it would be awesome to have your voice in the discussion!


They’ve just been given a brand new home here on It’s a space dedicated to answering your questions on MS.


But now it’s time to turn the tables… it’s our turn to ask you some questions!


Our projects are driven by you, the users of, so we’re keen to open up conversations around things like the content of the videos and the process of asking questions.


If you’d like to join the discussion and potentially drive the direction of MS Reporters, then please fill in your email address above.


You’ll need a Gmail account to join the call…if you don’t have one, don’t worry, it’s very easy to set up, just follow this link.


Once you’ve sent us your email address, all you need to do is to be around a computer with a webcam, in a quiet spot, between 7pm and 8pm on Wednesday the 9th of November. We’ll send you an invitation to join the call on the day! Please feel free to join even if you can only join for part of the call.