What works and what doesn’t work in rehabilitation?

In this video Paul interviews Miranda Olding who is a MS Nurse. The interview was filmed by Millar

Video transcript

Miranda summarises a talk she’s been to about rehabilitation at ECTRIMS 2016

Miranda Olding, MS Nurse: Okay, so I went to a presentation from RIMS, which is the conference for Rehabilitation in MS, and the title of that presentation was, ‘What works, what doesn’t work in rehabilitation’. And it’s a little bit depressing in a way because we all know that all the physiotherapists and physical therapists and OTs and cognitive rehab people and psychologists are all doing fabulous work, which is probably highly effective, however, the problem is, especially when you don’t have big pharmaceutical company backing, actually carrying out those randomised control trials, so making the research robust enough so that it’s accepted by the health service. So basically what they showed was that most of the research that people do on what they’re doing isn’t good enough to prove the effect. The only interventions that have generated research that is robust enough is for exercise, which is incredibly important in MS, supported treadmill walking, which is only one intervention and not everybody can access it, and endurance training. So, you know, I think we all knew that, but it was just kind of really ramming it home.

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