Will physiotherapy help MSers with vertigo?

In this video Susie interviews Christy Holland who is a Physiotherapist. The interview was filmed by Katie

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Susie asks Christy whether physiotherapy help MSers with vertigo?
Will physiotherapy help MSers with symptoms of vertigo?

Christy Holland is an MS Specialist Physiotherapist It depends very much what the vertigo is a result of. Your classic vertigo tends to be a spinning sensation often associated with dizziness and sometimes nausea as well, and this is most typical a result of problems with the vestibular system of the inner ear. For people with MS it’s more commonly due to lesions within the brain and on the brain stem, and that can be a little bit more difficult to treat.
What happens quite often when you have this dizziness and vertigo is that people learn to hold their head and their eyes very still and the body reacts to that by actually becoming more sensitive. So a physiotherapist can assess you, find out exactly what your problems are and then through some strategies and management help you to deal with the problems and sometimes also to improve problems. A physiotherapy assessment’s really important to find out exactly what the cause of it is, because it’s not always the inner ear or the central nervous system that is a problem, there are other conditions that can cause this kind of vertigo and dizziness. We can teach you certain strategies that will help you. It might be as simple as getting you to just slow down when moving from lying to sitting and also give you maybe some specific eye exercises that can help also.

MS Reporter: Susie
MS Expert, Christy Holland is an MS Specialist Physiotherapist who works with patients across Leeds.

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