What’s exciting about the future of MS treatment?

In this video Grace interviews Jodi Haartson who is a MS Nurse Practitioner. The interview was filmed by Heather

Video transcript

Grace And are you excited about, you know, the future of the treatment for MS?

Jodi Haartson, MS Nurse Practitioner It’s very exciting and I think in the future there’s opportunities for people, if one isn’t working, to switch, which is really good, and in the future we’ll really be able to personalise exactly the right person, the right medication for the right person. Because we know in MS, as in any diseases, that not everyone’s the same and so we just have to, the more that’s available, the more options we’ll have for getting the right one for the right person at the right time and that’s really exciting to be able to effectively manage the disease.

Yeah, to have those options and to know there’s medication for you out there.

MS Reporter: Grace
Expert: Jodi Haartson, MS Nurse Practitioner

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