What would you like to see improved over 10 years in how society supports hidden disabilities?

In this video Varsha interviews Joanna Wootten who is a Disability and Inclusion Expert. The interview was filmed by Shift.ms

Video transcript

Varsha: What would you like to see improved in the next ten years?


Joanna Wootten, Disability and Inclusion Expert: Well, how long is a piece of string?  I’d like lots of things to be improved, but I do hope that we will get better awareness of the fact that some disabilities which are not obvious can have a really big impact on people’s lives.


But it doesn’t mean that people aren’t human, having fun, having sex, blah-di-blah, but they may also like if they could have a seat, have air conditioning on, or what have you. And then there’s a better understanding of the spectrum, I think, of the range of conditions.


And just there’s better knowledge, and it’s also easier for people [incomp 00:46] tiring journey to work. You know, sometimes think about those small things that make a massive difference. So I’m hoping technology will help, so you can manage a lot of it behind the scenes, if that’s what you want.


This interview is part of a series called ‘Hidden MS’ which is supported by Roche. MS Reporters™ is a Shift.ms production. Roche has had no influence over the content.

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