What is the PALS Service and how does it work?

In this video Susie interviews Sue Ross who is a PALS Team Manager. The interview was filmed by Shift.ms

Video transcript

Susie from the MS community: What is the PAL Service and how does it work?


Sue Ross, PALS Team Manager: So the PAL Service is set up within different organisations.  So, for instance, an acute NHS trust where we’d call that a hospital, you could have a clinical commission group PALS, a PALS for NHS England that would look after GP queries.  There are a number of other areas, for instance mental health trusts. So PALS have their own services within each of those locations. So PALS is there to address concerns, complaints and also compliments that we share with people as well, so we do get compliments.  They are there as a confidential service for you to be able to share all your concerns with in a friendly informative environment and for us to pass those concerns on to the relevant individuals for them to resolve the concern.

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