What is ACAS and how can it support someone with MS at work?

In this video Suk interviews David Webb who is a Acas writer. The interview was filmed by Fred

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Suk from the MS community: What is ACAS and how can it support someone with MS at work?


David Webb, Acas writer: ACAS is an independent body and our role is to give impartial and practical advice on matters to do with employment law and good practice in the workplace.  The organisation is there for both employers and employees and specialists such as HR people, lawyers even come to us, and trade union representatives, people like that.  In terms of the support we can give, we can give advice on your rights at work, we can- to do both generally and to do with managing a disability at work, I would recommend that if people would like more specific advice to do with MS at work that they contact the Multiple Sclerosis Society who have a helpline called the Disability Law Service, who we do work with at ACAS and if it’s more specific MS related advice that people would want, I would recommend they go to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.


Suk: Great.  And what’s the best port of call to get access to ACAS, would it be to email or to telephone, or to just turn up?


David Webb: The best thing to do initially would be to go to our website, which is www.acas.org.uk and then really to go to, they’ll see or they’ll find it, an A to Z of advice and to go there and look there first of all for the answers they want.  There’s also something called Helpline Online which is like an automated service, really, to give straightforward answers, prepared answers to questions people might have.  If those things can’t answer your questions then you can phone our helpline.

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