Is there any way to recover memory loss as a result of MS?

In this video Robby interviews Diane Playford who is a Professor of Rehabilitation. The interview was filmed by

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Robby asks Diane if there any way to recover memory loss as a result of MS?

The short answer to that is no. At the moment there are no rehabilitation techniques that lead to an improvement in memory, but there are a lot of strategies that people can put in place to support memory difficulties and the obvious things like that are lists, diaries, calendars, knots in handkerchiefs, all those things can prompt memory. There is also evidence that if you practise a task, it gets better. And so yes, you can practise learning a list, you can practise doing something, but any memory gains you get from, for instance, trying to learn all the cards in a deck of cards, won’t transfer to other tasks.

MS Reporter: Robby MS Expert: Dr Diane Playford’s research interests focus on rehabilitation process and outcome including developing and evaluating new services and care pathways.

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