Vitamin D, children with MS and social networks. Bernie talks highlights of her session.

In this video Paul interviews Bernadette Porter who is a MS Nurse. The interview was filmed by

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Bernadette Porter, MS Nurse: There’s also really good UK talks from nurses, talking about the importance of vitamin D in MS, which we know is a hot topic. One of the Roald Dahl nurses, which are the paediatric neurology MS nurses, talked about her role in supporting children with MS. Again, fascinating in what they do in how they engage children to, as you can imagine, challenges in self-injecting or taking treatments and still being able to have a normal childhood. So lots of lessons from Nadia when she presented there. And then we had someone who came all the way from Melbourne to talk about how in Australia she had created a social media Facebook component to help people that were on Lemtrada. And again, I think the great thing about what we learnt in those sessions was that they’re all things that we could pick up and bring to our own countries, so I think hopefully we’ll get some diffusion of good, new learnings and models of care.

Paul: That’s all great and I’ll just pick on one point you mentioned, you mentioned the use of vitamin D and so far as I know, there hasn’t been very conclusive evidence of the benefits of taking vitamin D. Are there any new results that suggest vitamin D is actually very beneficial?

Bernadette Porter: No, unfortunately you’re right in saying that that was her conclusion, that the evidence is still conflicting, isn’t it, and certainly about exactly how much to take and if there’s any preventative elements. There’s more work to be done there isn’t there?

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