Does using Baclofen impact disease progression?

In this video Marlo interviews Professor David Baker who is a Researcher. The interview was filmed by Stephanie

Video transcript

Marlo: I’m going to ask about Baclofen. Do you think that it has an impact on disease progression?

Professor David Baker, Researcher: Good question. I’d love to know the answer. I’ve asked that question many times myself and theoretically, I would say yes. So what we know of Baclofen is it’s a drug that stops nerve excitation and we think one of the ways that progression can occur is that you get too much nerve excitation. And that’s why you get certain symptoms, you know, spasticities, because the nerve is too excited. Now, Baclofen will relieve that muscle excitation but in doing so it also quells nerve excitation, so theoretically, it could do that. I think the problem is, is we’ve never looked. You know, it would take, you just have to have the information of who takes Baclofen and who doesn’t and then look where they are in a few years’ time.

Marlo: The people who take Baclofen, do they appear to be in a better place than people who didn’t?

Professor David Baker: We just don’t have the data, it’s amazing.

Marlo: Wow. Is Baclofen used, I assume, in people with progressive multiple sclerosis and relapsing remitting?

Professor David Baker: Yes, because the Baclofen is used as a drug for spasticity and that can occur at any time in people with progressive MS, people with relapsing MS. I guess spasticity occurs in over 50% of people and as the disease gets longer duration it’s more likely that spasticity will occur. So people with progressive MS will be taking that. You probably need something like the MS Register to go and interrogate their data. It’s a bit like how they found aspirin had an effect on Alzheimer’s disease, you know, it’s just by a lot of people taking it and then somebody actually sitting down and looking at the data. So, a really good question.

MS Reporter: Marlo,
MS Expert: Professor David Baker, Researcher.

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