Top tips for working mums

In this video Polly interviews Marlo who is a Expert MSer. The interview was filmed by Katharine

Video transcript

Polly</strong, from the MS community: Do you have any top tips for working mums with MS?

Marlo, an Expert MSer: I think all mums who work have a certain guilt that we carry with us. I do and I think sometimes it can be worse with MS because you might come home and feel maybe more tired than someone else would. I think the best thing when you’re a working mum is to try to pace yourself, again, stay as healthy as you can, eat well, drink lots of water.
I like to delegate things as much as I can, so delegate things to my husband or maybe a sister-in-law or a friend, someone who can help out with perhaps even tidying the house, things like that. I also try to play games with my children that don’t require much energy, like Doctor, where they can bandage me up or, you know, like a roll of loo paper can go a very long way and you can just kind of sit there and be a mummified mummy.

So these are just the sort of little things that I do just to kind of be with them, show them I love them, but I’m not exerting loads of energy all the time.

Polly: That’s a really good answer actually, cool.

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