What are your top tips for keeping well during pregnancy?

In this video Marlo interviews Polly who is a Expert MSer. The interview was filmed by Katharine

Video transcript

Marlo, from the MS community: What are your top tips for keeping well during pregnancy?

Polly, an Expert MSer: I think generally the sort of same things apply as would normally, you know, be kind to your body, drink lots of water, eat healthily, try and do some exercise or some yoga. Just things that generally make us all feel better, whether or not we’re pregnant. Just keep doing those or try and take them up if you haven’t been doing them when you’re not pregnant. And yeah, just remaining stress free, not taking on too much and just treating yourself kindly, I think is quite important when you’re pregnant, just, yeah, avoiding hassle that doesn’t need to be made. That’s essentially me done.

Marlo: Treat yourself kind, I love that.

Polly: Be kind to yourself, yeah.  I think that’s generally quite a good mantra for life anyway, be kind to yourself.

Marlo: So you felt well during your pregnancy?

Polly: Yeah.

Marlo: Did you find that because of that you overdid anything?

Polly: No, I didn’t, but I did find sort of… I didn’t have MS when I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn’t know I had MS when I was pregnant with my first child and so just carried on kind of as normal. And then with my second child, I guess I did know I had MS and I felt really good while I was pregnant.
But I didn’t take too much on, I think I just… but it was really nice actually, I felt very much back to normal and, yeah, I had a lot of energy just naturally from the pregnancy. But yeah, I guess that’s important to bear in mind, that you are well while you’re pregnant generally, lots of people are well while they’re pregnant, but that doesn’t mean you’re suddenly Super Woman. And yeah, to just carry on taking it as easy as you can.

Marlo: Okay.

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