Top energy saving beauty hacks for female MSers

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In this video Polly interviews Marlo who is a Expert MSer. The interview was filmed by Katherine

Video transcript

Do you have any beauty hacks, energy saving beauty hacks?

I have a few, I don’t know if they’re so mind-blowing. But definitely concealer is a must, I think for anyone, especially someone with MS, I always have dark circles. Yves Saint Laurent makes Touche Éclat, which I think with MS you should not be without. Mascara, I think, is a must that you should always, at least if you’re not doing a complete beauty routine, have the main staples like mascara, lip gloss. I think as a mum when you’re doing a school run, I do like sunglasses and lip gloss and I find it’s like a Hollywood mums’ look and it works really well.
But I think just staying healthy from within, drinking plenty of water, all this kind of thing. I have done eyelash extensions as well, which actually saved me a lot of time in the mornings, so that might be something. It’s a bit expensive, but something interesting to look into, and it’s also a couple of hours of pampering whilst you’re having them put in.

Cool. My answer to that would be very, very short, so it would just be don’t sweat the small stuff, whatever makes you feel good, go for it, but probably just don’t spend too much time worrying about it.

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