Why does time matter in multiple sclerosis?

In this video Aoife interviews Helmut Butzkueven who is a Associate Professor. The interview was filmed by Millar

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Aoife Why is it that time matters in MS?

Helmut Butzkueven, Associate Professor So the MS Brain Health initiative, which we all represent, really believes that time matters in many different ways. What it really fundamentally means is that there should be no delays in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, there should be no delays in the referral for that diagnosis, and there should be no delays in offering treatment to people with MS. If treatment is not working, or not working well enough, there should be no delays in the capacity of change to that treatment.

Aoife Brilliant. And is there anything that we as people with MS can do to communicate our message to our doctors to explain that maybe our current treatment plan is not working for us?

Helmut Butzkueven, Associate Professor I think this is a really important question, because to some extent it’s a translation question. We think that everybody needs to be on the same page about the plan. And the Brain Health document actually outlines a plan, so I think that this will empower people with MS to actually have a look at how their care is being delivered and potentially even challenge that a little bit. Not just as a person with MS, because you might feel under some circumstances, you know, powerless, but this is written by patients, doctors, neurologists, by nurses, as a global consensus statement. So we think that this document itself is going to help empower people with MS.

MS Reporter: Aoife
Expert: Helmut Butzkueven, Associate Professor

Read Brain health: time matters in multiple sclerosis www.msbrainhealth.org/report

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