Do you recommend exercising during a relapse?

In this video Cat interviews Dr Jeremy Chataway who is a Neurologist. The interview was filmed by

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Cat: So when someone experiences a relapse, do you recommend that they exercise or should they avoid exercising?

Dr Jeremy Chataway, Neurologist: So that’s a very good question. So a relapse, first of all we need to identify anything we can that’s triggering the relapse, such as an infection, typically a urinary infection, and that must always be treated. Secondly, is there a need for high dose steroids, either tablets or intravenous to help shorten the relapse, a yes or a no, not every relapse requires that, but significant relapses, that could be helpful. I think thirdly, if there’s a real impact on the motor or balance function, then an assessment ideally by a physiotherapist to work out a tailored exercise programme to help with that relapse, and we know that therapy plus steroids is a good combination if someone, for example, has weakness in their legs. But I don’t think someone can exercise their way out of a relapse, but carry on exercising but maybe pull the boundaries in. But ideally substitute some dedicated physiotherapy routines for the normal exercise that they’d be doing.

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