Is there a real benefit in using technology to help people with MS?

In this video Aoife interviews Tjalf Ziemssen who is a Professor of clinical neuroscience. The interview was filmed by Alwin

Video transcript

Aoife: So Tjalf, we’ve just been at a talk on MS and technology, and can you tell me the three kind of main points that there were in that session?

Tjalf Ziemssen, Professor of Clinical Neuroscience: Yeah. So I think e-health intervention and implementing e-health into care, I think it’s getting more and more important and I think the session was about how to integrate it into daily care. I think everyone is aware that technology can help, but I think the only way that technology can really survive and will be really implemented on a broad base is that technology is integrated into care. And that’s why it’s necessary that neurologists are interested in technology and that they are, I think patients are, but if the neurologist is not interested in technology I think it’s very unlikely that it will be implemented into care.

Aoife: And how do you feel patients could encourage their clinicians to embrace this kind of technology?

Tjalf Ziemssen: Yeah, I think it’s important that patients should be interested in their disease, yeah? So this self-monitoring, as Gavin has proposed it, or even the interest in looking at the disease from yeah, from the overall perspective, I think that will be very important. And to be engaged, I think, and if the neurologist which recognised that patients are engaged, I think they have to use such tools and they have to implement such gadgets in the clinical practice.

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