Is there a real benefit in using technology to help people with MS?

In this video Aoife interviews Tjalf Ziemssen who is a Professor of clinical neuroscience. The interview was filmed by Alwin

Video transcript

Aoife from the MS community: So you feel that there is a real benefit to using technology for people living with MS?

Tjalf Ziemssen, Professor of clinical neuroscience: Yes, I think, because MS is a very difficult disease, so MS is not only one problem you have. So the phases of MS are so variable, that’s why we have to get, yeah, we have to use special tools to visualise and to understand it, even to screen for certain symptoms.
And just to give you an example, so if you’re in a personal interview with a physician and you have to talk about that you’re incontinent, that all the time you’re losing urine and yeah, I think it’s very difficult.

But if you have, for example, a quite nice tool where you can enter this data, so you are not sitting together with someone but you’re putting it into a computer and you’re mentioning this symptom, I think it’s much easier to move, to screen this, than to go for a personal interview.

Aoife: Yeah, I agree.  I think that it’s easier to input that kind of data than start that conversation, so I entirely agree.

Tjalf Ziemssen: Probably one thing to say, it does not mean, so e-health technology does not mean that you’re not speaking with your doctor. But for example, in our centre, by implementing technology I can concentrate on the important issues, yeah, and I don’t lose time with collecting data, yeah.
So data collection, other simple things, that could be done by technology and I can concentrate really to talk about the important topics with my patient. My time is limited, yeah, so using technology means I could put the patient more… give the patient more in my practice to discuss… more time in my practice to discuss important issues.
Aoife: So it’s about empowering the patient to make the most of their time with their healthcare professional, really.

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