Is physio effective in reducing disability for MSers?

In this video Barbara interviews Jenny Thain who is a Physiotherapist. The interview was filmed by Carolyn

Video transcript

Barbara: Is physiotherapy, do you think, effective in reducing disability in people with MS?

Jenny Thain, Physiotherapist: Yes, it can be. There are certainly instances where having some physiotherapy support can help, particularly if you’ve had a change, for example, you’ve had a relapse and your mobility’s changed or if your condition has just progressed a little bit and you might need some physiotherapy to help you with managing those symptoms and trying to improve those symptoms. Physiotherapy can’t stop or reverse the condition itself, but we can help with managing some of the day-to-day symptoms that you’re experiencing.

Barbara: It’s like a self-help type of thing?

Jenny Thain: Yeah, so often we’ll be giving you some treatment to begin with, which might be a little bit more hands-on techniques, but then after that we’d be trying to teach you about self-management techniques that you can do yourself at home. So whether it’s an exercise programme or going along to a local exercise group, for example, a yoga group or that type of thing, to help you maintain yourself over time.

Barbara: Right. I think that’s important isn’t it really, to keep maintaining it as long as you’ve got support from your physio?

Jenny Thain: That’s right, being able to dip in and out of physiotherapy when you need it is important, yeah.

Barbara: I think it’s really useful.

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