Outwardly, it’s not obvious that I struggle to stand for long periods of time. How can I manage this in public?

In this video Leonie interviews Anne Armitage who is a Occupational Therapist. The interview was filmed by Shift.ms

Video transcript

Leonie: Outwardly, it’s not obvious that I struggle to stand for long periods of time.  How can I manage this in public?


Anne Armitage, Occupational Therapist: Okay.  I mean I think that’s a very good point and I think, again, it’s going back to obviously the physical limitations of the condition can be very variable from day to day.


So it’s really just, you know, taking those sort of planning steps to, you know, planning your route carefully, having somebody to support you if you’re going on a longer distance journey, for example.


Just incorporating those rest periods as well and factoring extra time for that and just looking at transportation as well, obviously looking at, you know, do you need a wheelchair for longer distances or somewhere that you can sit down and have a rest.


So I think it’s just planning ahead as best as you can so you’re not facing a situation where you’re going to over-exert yourself and you can’t take the rest that you need.


Leonie: No.  So planning, planning is quite key then to managing this type of thing, the planning of the journey, allowing extra time and thinking about transport you said, as well, yeah?


Anne Armitage: Yes, yes.  So looking at, you know, public transport or do you need a taxi or family member to drive, you know, just really planning about, you know, where you’re going and the limitations within that.


So I mean obviously if you’re on a train, you know, booking a seat in advance. It’s just thinking of all those practical steps to make is as easy and straightforward as possible. Having somebody to meet you at the other end if it’s a particularly long journey, and asking, asking for help if you need it as well.

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