Is oral chemotherapy an option for people with MS?

In this video Marlo interviews Professor David Baker who is a Researcher. The interview was filmed by Stephanie

Video transcript

Marlo: Is oral chemotherapy an option for people with MS?

Professor David Baker, Researcher: Oh, Lemtrada by another name is called Alemtuzumab, yeah? And Alemtuzumab, if you take it apart, so ‘mab’ means it’s a monoclonal antibody, ‘alem’ is just the name they’ve made up, ‘tu’ means it was originally made to treat cancer. So Alemtuzumab’s a chemotherapy agent, but it’s used to treat multiple sclerosis because we believe that MS is driven by the effect of the T cells and you can get T and B cell cancers, and that’s where alemtuzumab’s used. So that’s one. Cladribine, essentially is another one. Mitoxantrone, another one. So there’s a lot of chemotherapy drugs that have actually been used in MS and they work because they kill active cells and the active cells are the white blood cells. So, yeah.

Marlo: Right.

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