Now you’ve had HSCT, what are your symptoms like?

In this video Paul interviews Dave Bexfield who is a MSers Expert and founder of Active MSers. The interview was filmed by

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 Paul: What would you say about your current symptoms?


Dave Bexfield, MSers Expert and founder of Active MSers: Well, that’s interesting because for the first… right after the treatment, that’s when the biggest change occurred.  I would say in the first two months I went from walking barely a hundred metres, I could put in 500, 600, even 700 metres.


And then by year one I could hike for maybe two miles, with rest. My longest hike was maybe two and a half, maybe three miles, in one day.  But – and this is a but, and this is unfortunate but it happens – even though I was the ideal candidate for this treatment, I started to backslide about year four.  That would have been 2014 or so.


I noticed that I wasn’t doing quite as well and in 2015 in my last study update, I could do 200 metres unaided, not quite. And now, unfortunately, I’m back to using my walker, which is a little bit frustrating.  I’m better in pretty much every other area. Cognition is fine, my vision is fine, I don’t have any fatigue. I’m doing, for someone with MS, actually pretty well, but my legs aren’t doing great.


So in 2015 I started on a new treatment, I started on Aubagio, and then that wasn’t really cutting it, so then a year after that I went on to Rituxan, so right now I’m on Rituxan, I might switch over to Ocrevus if my insurance company says sure.  So we’ll see. Would I do it again? Oh hell, yeah. I mean it saved my life, but it was not a cure, at least in my case.

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