How much should MSers rely on physio sessions or do at home?

In this video Susie interviews Christy Holland who is a Physiotherapist. The interview was filmed by Katie

Video transcript

Susie: Some MSers aren’t going to be able to go for regular physiotherapy treatment. How much do you think should be done with specialists and how much should MSers be doing for themselves at home?

Christy Holland: I think for the majority of the time MSers need to be able to self-manage and to be proactive in managing their own condition, but everybody needs guidance with that. So I think it’s always worth, if you’re not sure, speaking to your MS nurse who can put a referral through, and even you can have a one-off assessment to discuss the problems and get the advice that you need at that point. So it’s important that you do get guidance, and it might be that you dip back into physiotherapy now and again to get a bit of an update and to check things are okay. But it’s very much a one-off episode, if you like, the majority of the self-management is by yourselves, with the advice and the support of the MS team around you as and when it’s needed.

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