Should MSers to rest or power through fatigue?

In this video Cat interviews Dr Jeremy Chataway who is a Neurologist. The interview was filmed by

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Cat asks Jeremy Chataway, Consultant Neurologist if MSers should rest or power through fatigue.

Cat: Would you advise MSers to rest with fatigue or to sort of power through and keep going?

Dr Jeremy Chataway, Consultant Neurologist: So I think fatigue is really difficult and it’s really one of those symptoms that we’re not very good at controlling, but it is very common in people with MS. So I think trying to pace the day is where I would start off. Sometimes having a short rest can be useful, but not over-resting, because that can be un-useful. I think doing some exercise, I think things such as pilates and swimming are useful. There’s the MS Society FACETS programme, it’s delivered by occupational therapists to try and sort of work a way through a person’s daily life and see how to balance it up. So it’s doing those sorts of strategies. Drug treatment for fatigue; there are some drugs such as Amantadine, but they can be a bit hit and miss. So I think it’s really getting the kind of, I think pacing is the right word, through the day.

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