Have the MS society revised their position on cannabis for medical use?

In this video Rachel interviews Gen Edwards who is a Director of External Affairs - MS Society. The interview was filmed by Shift.ms

Video transcript

MS Reporter Rachel
The MS Society have revised their position on cannabis for medical use, why is this, this turnaround?

Gen Edwards,
I think just because the evidence is there, people with MS tell us they think this should happen and our medical advisers agreed. So I think if you put those three things together and you also look at what’s happening globally, you know, Canada have done this, Germany have done this, parts of America have done it. And we’ve been watching that unfold and we just felt we had to change our position.

Do you think there’s any, there’s been momentum among other charities dealing with other disorders, such as Parkinson’s or cancer, do you think they also seem to be joining that way too?

Gen Edwards,
Well, we’re the first charity to take this position, but we have spoken to several other organisations, charities, patient organisations, and I think that all of them understood the reasons why we’ve changed our position. And I think that we will quite soon see other charities take a similar position. They’re not quite there yet, but they’re certainly looking into it. There are organisations looking into it.

MS Reporter Rachel asks Gen if the MS Society have revised their position on cannabis for medical use
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MS Reporter: Rachel
MS Expert: Gen Edwards, Director of External Affairs, MS Society


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