MS – can seeing a sex therapist help?

In this video Clare interviews Martin Burrow who is a Psychosexual therapist. The interview was filmed by

Video transcript

Clare from the MS community: MS has an impact on how we see ourselves after diagnosis, how can seeing a relationship therapist help us resolve how we feel about sexual relationships?


Martin Burrow, Psychosexual therapist: Well, I think as much as anything Clare, it gets you talking about it and it gets you talking in finer detail about the impact that the diagnosis has had on you personally, because I imagine from person to person it will be a different answer. So there’s a lot of normalising that will go on and a lot of questions that might be asked.


Clare: So what do you mean by normalising, Martin?


Martin Burrow: As in the impact that something has on somebody. So a sex therapist might say well, so you’re questioning how you look. Well, that would be really understandable following something like this.


Clare: Okay.

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