What is the MS Brain Health campaign?

In this video Grace interviews Jodi Haartson who is a MS Nurse Practitioner. The interview was filmed by Heather

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Grace What is the MS Brain Health Campaign?

Jodi Haartson, MS Nurse Practitioner The campaign of MS Brain Health is an initiative that is about making some recommendations about how we can protect people’s neurological reserve, and we know in MS that you need to do that, the earlier that you do that and the earlier that you take action, the more likely you are to protect the brain. And damage is occurring even when people feel well. So the campaign is to engage people at a local level, and healthcare professionals, but also at a broader policy level to make changes in their service delivery to actually protect people’s brain health with MS.

Grace So what advice have you- what confuses me about brain health is like what advice can you give to somebody to improve their brain health?  Like what things can they do?

Jodi Haartson, MS Nurse Practitioner I think that you can find out information, which is really hard to do, if you’re a person with MS, it’s really hard to seek out information because there’s so much available. And to- you can ask lots of questions, which is also quite intimidating to do as well too, but if you find the right resources to ask the right questions about monitoring and are you getting the right, are you getting regular enough MRIs, and also to report in if you have any changes, that’s so important, to make sure that if you have any changes, to let your healthcare professionals, your MS team, your local GP, whoever that is, to let them know that you’ve had some changes. And also to engage in a healthy lifestyle. And that’s got lots of different components to it: exercise, not smoking and managing other diseases that you may have, that they’re also really important in keeping the rest of your brain healthy.

Expert: Jodi Haartson, MS Nurse Practitioner

MS Reporter: Grace

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