MS and sex – ways to access support

In this video Clare interviews Martin Burrow who is a Psychosexual therapist. The interview was filmed by

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Clare from the MS community: It’s quite hard to access support for sexual issues as many feel it’s a very private matter. Can you suggest some ideas to help?


Martin Burrow, Psychosexual therapist: Yeah, well I often think getting going is the really important bit here. So GP is an obvious bet, a counsellor if you feel brave enough to go to one is a useful thing. Or find one friend or one family member that you feel confident enough just to start a conversation with.

Or if it’s an MS society, then somebody else in the society would be ideal. One other person that you can say, you know, how have you experienced this thing since your diagnosis, or how do you experience this thing that you’re living with, I think that’s a really good start.

Often, as a sex therapist, you know, the language that comes with the sessions and with the field is a very normal thing to use and I think once you’ve had enough time using the language and talking about it, it becomes really easy, actually. Most clients after a couple of sessions comment on how easy it is to talk about in relation to how easy they thought it might be.

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