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In this video Clare interviews Martin Burrow who is a Psychosexual therapist. The interview was filmed by

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Clare from the MS community: MS affects both men and women’s sexual function. For example, a lack of orgasm or problems with arousal, such as dryness for women or problems with erection for men. How can seeing a sex therapist help MSers?


Martin Burrow, Psychosexual therapist: I would say that a really good use of sex therapy in relation to the things that you’ve said would be thinking about the options. So, sex therapy isn’t about people swinging from chandeliers, it’s about people finding enjoyment in their sex lives and if you’re experiencing dryness or lack of erection, then that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself, it just means that you might have to do some different things to enjoy yourself and those might be learned behaviours that you need to achieve. But again, talking through all of those different things with a partner in sex therapy really gets things out in the open, it really gives you an opportunity to talk about it, think about what you might enjoy, what you might not enjoy and keep the focus on enjoyment rather than the issues that you’re raising.


Clare: Okay, so rather than a sort of technical solution, you’re looking for solutions based on a talking therapy type situation?


Martin Burrow: Talking and some behavioural tasks, more than likely. Yeah, both.


Clare: Thank you.

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