MS and remaining sex positive

In this video Clare interviews Martin Burrow who is a Psychosexual therapist. The interview was filmed by

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Clare from the MS community: How can people with MS remain sex positive?


Martin Burrow, Psychosexual therapist: Clare, I think this links back to the first question. It’s about enjoyment. So, if you’re enjoying your intimate relationship and there’s a level of intimacy to it, then I think that’s the place to start from really, in terms of being your definition of ‘sex positive’. To know that your whole body doesn’t have to be working in the stereotypical way to enjoy yourself. And I think once that’s kind of worked with and accepted and you’ve found some ways to really enjoy yourselves, then that’s a positive place to start.


Clare: No, that would be the positive place to start. And do you think, following on from the idea of being sex positive, that people from the LGBTQ communities also can benefit from coming to a… help with relationships and sex therapy?


Martin Burrow: In a very similar way, I would suggest, absolutely. Yes, it’s about finding intimacy and how you find intimacy is a very individual thing. I mean I know there’s lots of stuff out there in the tabloids and on the television about what intimacy is and how it looks, but one size definitely doesn’t fit all. [laughs]


Clare: Okay. Thank you very much.

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