Jeremy talks about potentially positive results for remyelination

In this video interviews Professor Jeremy Hobart who is a Neurologist. The interview was filmed by

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And in terms of the kind of talks you’ve been to, not necessarily speaking at yourself, has anything really stood out to you during ECTRIMS?
Is there anything that has really stood out? Well, there’s increasing amounts of evidence for treatments that impact on the natural history of the disease, which is all very good for the future of MS management. The one I’m missing later this morning is the studies in what’s called remyelination, whereby there are attempts to repair damage that has already occurred. So I’m afraid I’m missing that session.

And is that a new kind of strain of investigation in terms of MS treatment, or is it a well-trodden path?

It’s a well-identified path, but one for which to date there have been little inroads made. So everybody’s talked about how to repair damage, because so far we can impact and stop the disease in some people, but now you want to be able to not only stop the disease, but repair any damage. So I believe the results that are being presented later this morning are positive in terms of showing some evidence of remyelination.


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