Do I tell my partner they may become my carer?

In this video Robby interviews Dr Rachel Davies who is a Counselling Psychologist. The interview was filmed by Varsha

Video transcript

On behalf of the MS community, MS Reporter Robby asks Dr Davies “Do I tell my partner they may become my carer?”

MS Reporter: Robby
Expert: Dr Rachel Davies is a counsellor and Senior Practice Consultant at relationship support charity, Relate. Find out more about Relate’s services here:

Interview themes;
– Discuss what tasks you’d be happy for your partner to do to help you
– Discuss what tasks you’d like external help with
– Be honest with your partner and work out what being a carer means
– Your partner needs to express what they’re happy to help with
– Address the issues rather than protecting your partner by keeping quiet
– Address what may happen in the future but enjoy today.

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