When should I tell my employer, or a potential employer, about my MS?

In this video Michelle interviews Carla King who is a MS Advocate. The interview was filmed by Shift.ms

Video transcript

Michelle: When would you think would be the best time to tell an employer or a potential employer about the MS?


Carla King: So again, there’s a couple of things here. One is that – well, there’s two things, yeah, two things. One is that no-one can make this decision for you, because you’re the one that’s taking the risk throughout that selection process, so you’re the one that’s kind of carrying that kind of burden throughout.


And it’s just like with MS, you know, everyone suddenly has a medical degree when you have a diagnosis – have you tried…? And it’s the same with disclosure, you know, everyone’s got an opinion on it. So I think the important thing here is to think, you know, I’m going through this, I need to feel comfortable that I’m going to make the right decision in which part of the process I’m going to tell.


And in terms of the process, you can tell someone at application stage, before a psychometric test, at interview, once you’ve been made an offer and have the contract in your hands, or even when you’re in the workplace and you’ve shown them what you can do.


And really your decision on when to do that, to disclose, has to be on your level of comfort on any one of those stages. So, putting my coaching hat on now, I’m thinking, if I had someone in front of me who was kind of really struggling, which stage, I’d be asking, on a level of sort of, a scale of one to ten, one being really unconfident and ten feeling really like I’m going to skip into the horizon having made the right decision, you know, where would you rank yourself if you thought about application.


And then they’d give their answer and then, you know, I’d think about the same thing for when you’re in the workplace, for example. And then you start to get an idea in terms of where you’re ranking yourself where you feel more comfortable in terms of disclosing. It’s just an idea but it sort of works for a few people, I think.

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