If I have PPMS should I expect to be getting even worse everyday?

In this video Cat interviews Dr Jeremy Chataway who is a Neurologist. The interview was filmed by Shift.ms

Video transcript

Cat: So if someone has primary progressive MS, should they expect to be getting worse every day?

Dr Jeremy Chataway, Neurologist: So primary progressive MS is the less usual variety of multiple sclerosis. It often seems to happen to people in their forties and fifties rather than twenty and thirties, and as its name suggests, people tend not to have the acute relapses, but there’s a slow progression. But this is not on a day by day, week by week, month by month basis. This tends to occur over some years. So it’s a slow process in both cases and therefore there’s a chance for us to look at it and do as much as we can to have an effect on it, for example, really good neurological physiotherapy, treating pain or treating spasticity in terms of symptomatic treatments. And we would hope over the next one or two or three years to start to see perhaps some treatments for PPMS. And there was an exciting study last year of a drug called Ocrelizumab which looked to have had an effect on primary progressive multiple sclerosis. I think that will take a year or two to come through the government agencies, but that’s certainly a good sign that something is happening on the PPMS front.

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