How do you apply to the Access to Work scheme for MS?

In this video Cat interviews Ian Milton who is a Access to Work at the Department of Work and Pensions. The interview was filmed by Fred

Video transcript

Cat from the MS community: When applying for the Access to Work scheme, what do I need to do, and what does my employer need to do?


Ian Milton, Access to Work at the Department of Work and Pensions: So when you’re going through the process, once you’ve applied for Access to Work, you’ll liaise with a named Access to Work adviser who will discuss your needs, talk about your job and obviously try and find out a bit more about you so that we can create a tailored package.  In line with that, we will actually work with your employer to understand what adjustments they may have made, what their understanding is of what adjustments they could possibly make, but also to get their buy-in of any adjustments or support that may be needed as we move forward, which could include a contribution, but mainly it’s to help them understand what they need to do in order to ensure you get the support at the earliest possible point from when Access to Work has made their decision.


Cat: And would I need to give my employer’s details to the Access to Work scheme in order for you to contact them?  


Ian Milton: Yes.  So as part of when you apply, Access to Work will – sorry – the Access to Work adviser will ask you for your employment details and they will say is it okay for us to contact your line manager to progress the application.  And if the customer says no, unfortunately Access to Work can’t take the application forward, but 99% of cases, absolutely fine to engage with the employer.



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