How do I complain without damaging relationships with my MS care team?

In this video Susie interviews Sue Ross who is a PALS Team Manager. The interview was filmed by

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Susie from the MS community: If an MS patient wants to raise an issue or a complaint with their neurologist or another healthcare practitioner but is worried about damaging the relationship with them, what would you advise in that case?


Sue Ross, PALS Team Manager: So we work to very strict policies as far as PALS complaints are concerned and we work to policies that are NHS national complaint policies.  And within that, there are very strict guidelines about patients never being made to feel as though they can’t raise a complaint. We approach everything with a very open mind, because when we do get a complaint it’s an opportunity for us to learn lessons and change practices, so it’s very important that we get that feedback.  I would say to any patient that has a concern not to feel that their care would be unduly altered in any way, shape or form, it should never happen. If they felt like that was happening then certainly they need to bring that to the attention of PALS again, a formal complaint team. But there are very, very robust processes in place. I would imagine that if you get to a point where you feel like that is happening, the relationship is eroded with that clinician anyway and maybe it’s a chance to change clinicians at that stage.

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