How can I help others around me understand hidden symptoms like fatigue?

In this video Leonie interviews Anne Armitage who is a Occupational Therapist. The interview was filmed by

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Leonie: How can I help others around me understand hidden symptoms like fatigue?


Anne Armitage, Occupational Therapist: Okay.  So, I think it’s really important just to, where you feel comfortable, to explain how the symptoms affect you and how they can vary from day to day, and being open and honest where you feel comfortable in doing that.


And I think it’s, you know, say how it affects you on a day-to-day basis, so you have good and bad days and it’s about planning your day and just being realistic about, you know, your good and your bad days and to open that understanding.


Leonie: Yeah.  I noticed you said, ‘when you feel comfortable’.  Would you say that’s quite an important part, is picking the timing, the time and the place, perhaps, to talk about the hidden symptoms?


Anne Armitage: Yes, I think so and I think there are some people, naturally you’re going to feel more comfortable than others and there are some people you feel you can actually share some, you know, the more impact that it’s having on you and your symptoms.


And I think it’s something that you just have to gauge when you have that conversation with that person. And it’s only until that point you know how you can share and respond to how they react to you, as well, because it’s very much a two-way process, isn’t it, and…


Leonie: Yeah.


Anne Armitage: And then sometimes it’s the unknown as well, isn’t it, because you may look sort of well and- but how you feel on that day, it may be completely different to how you’re presenting to that person.


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