My eyes have been blurry, should I see my MS Nurse?

In this video Casey interviews Matt Justin who is a MS Nurse. The interview was filmed by Rafael

Video transcript

Casey: So, my eyes have been blurry on and off for a while, is that something I should see my MS nurse about?

Matt Justin, MS Nurse: You certainly could do, especially if it’s new. We always like to hear about anything new that’s happened to you that might be related to your MS. It’s always important to rule out other things that might cause blurry vision as well. The most obvious one is altered vision through your lenses changing. So having a good contact with your optician is always really advisable, especially if things are changing. The optician’s a really good service, inasmuch as they can have a good examine of your eyes to make sure your eyes are healthy and to make sure that there’s nothing else happening that might be causing problems. And in fact they can also refer on to the ophthalmology team at the hospital, that’s certainly the case in Lothian, where they’re almost the GP for your eyes. So we would always recommend you go to the optician should things change. Also if you’re on certain medication it’s important to let us know if anything changes. That’s probably more related to fingolimod rather than tecfidera.

Casey: I‘ve often been having headaches, dizziness and a bit of nausea, would that be related to the blurred vision, or could it be related?

Matt Justin: It could certainly be related. If you’re having difficulty focussing, even something as simple as needing reading glasses, you’re straining your eyes more and therefore you’re more likely to feel headache and feeling maybe a bit dizzy and therefore a wee bit sick. Sometimes if you have blurred vision and dizziness and headaches and nausea it could be related to your MS as well. So if they’re all happening at the same time, we would really be keen to know about that, because that might represent a relapse. Again, it’s really important to make sure that there’s nothing else that’s going on that might just be causing the headaches, and therefore again, chatting to your MS nurse is often a good sort of starting place to see if they maybe say go to the GP or go to the optician, for example.

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