Could you explain NEDA and what that means for MSers?

In this video Marlo interviews Professor David Baker who is a Researcher. The interview was filmed by Stephanie

Video transcript

Marlo: Can you explain what exactly is NEDA and what does that mean for MSers?

Dr David Baker, Researcher: Okay, so NEDA means No Evidence of Disease Activity. So basically what you want to be seeing is no clinical worsening and actually when we get to the scan, actually we want to see no activity either. So that’s what it means is, essentially your MS has gone quiet. It doesn’t mean to say your MS has gone completely because we can’t see things, but what we need to be striving for is to make sure that everybody is NEDA, so if you have evidence of disease activity, you need to be talking to your neurologist, so maybe we need to escalate the type of treatment you got. Because if we have everybody at NEDA that’s kind of the best opportunity we have because it says your MS has gone away.

Marlo: Do you think this is something that we’ve only focussed on in the past couple of years or so, because I’ve only heard of this term recently?

Dr David Baker: I think we’ve only heard of this term recently because we’ve only started to have very effective drugs and it’s only when you have the very highly effective drugs that you can think about switching MS off. So I think the position has changed a lot. So we had the new generation of drugs, they do cause NEDA to some people, but they’re not effective for everyone. And so more recently we’ve had more effective drugs coming along. And so I think what we need to do is, as a person with MS you want to maintain that you want to be NEDA and really as a neurologist you want to make sure that they help you keep at NEDA too. So I think it’s a two-way process but it’s in everybody’s interest that you actually do be NEDA.

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