Dr Barry Singer tells us what he’s up to at ECTRIMS 2016

In this video Natalie interviews Dr Barry Singer who is a Neurologist. The interview was filmed by Rob

Video transcript

Natalie: I understand you’re doing some presentations here, do you want to tell us a bit more about what you’re going to be doing here?

Dr Barry Singer: Yes, I’m going to be doing a couple of presentations and symposiums and really talking about the impact of medications on long term, in terms of not only preventing new relapses and preventing disability, but also brain volume. And as we age all our brains are shrinking, unfortunately with MS it happens at a little faster rate without treatment, but with treatment we’re seeing big impacts and actually some of the medications are actually slowing it to almost a normal rate. So we can see what the advantage is of treatments. I’m going to be presenting some of that data on some of the medications, including fingolimod, which is Gilenya, and then looking at teriflunomide or Aubagio, and alemtuzamab which is Lemtrada. So looking at some of the specific agents. But we’re seeing growing data and I think that’s really important, is to hold on to brain volume, because we need it for cognition, for ability to ambulate, so it’s an exciting new front.

I’m also looking forward to a few other exciting areas. There’s going to be some more data on progressive disease, there’s the medication siponimod, there’s a press release that it’s slowed down the progression in secondary progressive disease, so I’d like to see all that data. And then also there’s a hot topic session on bone marrow transplant and my very intense passion is remyelination, can we repair all those people out there, you know really living with MS, can we try to improve function. And that’s a big passion of mine, I’m involved in early clinical trials with remyelination, so looking forward to those sessions.

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