What content in the green paper do you think MSers should be concerned by? – MS & Employment 2017

In this video Robby interviews Laura Wetherly who is a Policy Manager. The interview was filmed by Shift.ms

Video transcript

Robby: What content in the Green Paper should MSers be concerned with?

Laura Wetherly, Policy Manager: So the Green Paper sets out ideas in a number of areas that are really important to people with MS, including how we can make employment support better and also how we can help people who are struggling to work as well. For me there are a number of, kind of three big areas. The MS Society’s been running a campaign called MSEnough, which is calling for changes to welfare and employment to make sure it makes sense for people with MS. And so for me there are kind of three big things. One of them is the changes to financial support we might see, so that’s employment and support allowance, including how it’s assessed. There’s also some proposals about how we make sure health professionals and health services talk about employment and support employment, and there’s also questions about how we make employers have supportive workplaces and cultures.

Robby: Are you targeting big employers and small?

Laura Wetherly, Policy Manager: So yeah, the government talks about both of those employers and we’re sure they’ll all form part of the plan. It’s definitely something that we want to make sure that we highlight in our response, that both big and small employers need support and they might have different needs as well, so we need to make sure that both are taken into account and are able to support people with MS.

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