How do clinical trials impact on the future of research?

In this video Chris interviews Professor Alan Thompson who is a Neurologist. The interview was filmed by Henry

Video transcript

Chris: How do clinical trials impact the future of research?

Professor Alan Thompson, Neurologist: Well, that’s an interesting question. I mean what clinical trials… clinical trials are done to try and look at benefit from an agent, so that’s the key thing. So the first thing is, well, if it’s a positive trial, then of course that has a huge impact. But, even if it’s a negative trial, it provides you with a database, a bank of information that you need to interrogate, because it tells you a lot about MS, it tells you what happens to whatever it is, three, four, 500 people over two or three or four years. So you can put questions to that information and try and address them. And what’s happening recently is a coming together of the trial data, so pooling the trial data, making it accessible – the Wellcome Trust are involved in this initiative – so that researchers can access the data and ask some of the more challenging questions. So it’s controlled data, it’s very rigorous data, so it’s going to be much more useful to you than much of the other data we have to rely on.

Chris: Excellent, excellent.

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