What are the challenges doctors face when prescribing sativex?

In this video Rachel interviews Gen Edwards who is a Director of External Affairs - MS Society. The interview was filmed by Shift.ms

Video transcript

Rachel: What are the challenges that doctors face in prescribing Sativex?

Gen Edwards, Well, in 2014 the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, or NICE, as they’re commonly known, decided that Sativex wasn’t cost-effective. So it’s licensed for muscle spasms, but it’s – and stiffness – but they deemed it not cost-effective, too expensive to provide. So in England it’s not available. You can apply for special funding for it, but it’s really rare for that to be granted. In Wales the situation’s slightly different in that it’s been approved for prescription, but in practice it’s still a struggle to get hold of it. So if people want to take Sativex, really most people are having to turn to private prescriptions, and that’s around £2,000, which puts it out of reach of most people.


MS Reporter Rachel asks Gen what challenges the doctors face when prescribing sativex?
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MS Reporter: Rachel
MS Expert: Gen Edwards, Director of External Affairs, MS Society

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