Carmen talks about an important new trial on secondary progressive MS

In this video Mike interviews Dr Carmen Tur who is a Neurologist. The interview was filmed by

Video transcript

Mike, So Carmen, we’ve had some interesting news today about some of the treatments for secondary progressive patients.
What are your thoughts on this new treatment that’s going to be available?

DR Carmen, Yes, thank you very much. Actually, this is a very important trial. So I mean we don’t have any treatment so far for secondary progressive MS and all the efforts are welcome, and especially if the trial is positive, so this is a very important trial to highlight. And this is about siponimod which is a molecule that is very similar to fingolimod. And it has shown, yeah, benefit in progression of disability in secondary progressive MS patients. So I don’t know when it’s going to be available. The good thing is that the safety profile was very good and so of course this will help the process and hopefully it will be in the market – of course, we will need more data – but if everything goes fine it is possible that it is in the market fairly soon, I suppose.

MS Reporter: Mike
MS Expert: Dr Carmen Tur, Neurologist

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