Can sexual problems get worse as MS progresses?

In this video Kirsty interviews Dr Belinda Weller who is a Consultant Neurologist. The interview was filmed by Kirsty

Video transcript

Kirsty from the MS community: Can problems with sexual response get worse as your MS progresses?

Dr Belinda Weller, Consultant Neurologist: Sure. I mean it can, I mean hopefully doesn’t always, but I guess with people whose MS is changing and progressing it’s quite likely that sexual response will alter, particularly, for example, if you became less mobile or if you’ve got problems with leg spasms and spasticity, or if pain and sensory changes get worse.
But I think the most important thing all along is communication with your partner. It may be that you don’t have the same sort of sexual relationship that you had before you’re diagnosed with MS or earlier in the course of your illness, but if that’s an important thing you can communicate, try other things, experiment and sort of aim to have some sort of fulfilling sexual relationship, depending on you individually.

I guess the other thing is to communicate with your health professionals as there may be medications that can help with spasticity or pain, and there may be medications that you’re taking that are negatively affecting your sexual function. So overall, I think experiment but keep communicating are the main types of things to keep in mind.

Kirsty: Communication is the key.

Belinda Weller,Consultant Neurologist: Absolutely.

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