How can MSers get involved with the ThinkHand campaign?

In this video Rachel H interviews Dr Klaus Schmeirer who is a Neurologist. The interview was filmed by Rob

Video transcript

Rachel H: How should MSers get involved with this campaign?

Dr Klaus Schmeirer, Neurologist: Well, I think we’ve involved people with the disease quite a bit. We are trying to get a clinical trial off the ground that really focusses on upper limb function as the primary outcome. In that trial there are people with the condition, they are consistent members of our team, digital producer, other people who are helping with this. Also always reshaping our ideas and keeping us in focus. I think people can also help with stalls and other activities that we’ve done in the past or suggest new things that we may not have thought about, okay?

Rachel H: And do you think momentum is building in the MS community?

Dr Klaus Schmeirer: Well, I hope it will, you know, and I think it will, but it’s a very slow grind, as it were, to make that voice heard and to change the perspective on the disease. It’s quite amazing how slow things move. I think there’s – and this is not only to do with evidence – I think there’s also cultural elements that play a role here, say about neurology, a discipline that traditionally has had this aura of you make a diagnosis of a rare condition and then essentially you walk away because you can’t do anything about it. But multiple sclerosis has had a revolution in terms of treatment when it comes to neurological conditions over the last 25 years and some of our colleagues still struggle with that simple fact, right, and struggle to engage with this new aspect of medicine which is active intervention to make people better.

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